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Substitute Information

Application Process for Obtaining a Substitute Certificate to Teach:


1)    Register online at Missouri Automated Criminal Website ( to start the fingerprinting/background check process.   When this is completed, you will go to an IdentoGO fingerprint service site.  IdentoGO has multiple locations —refer to the website for addresses.

Ava R-I Registration Numbers:

0636    Certified Applicants

0637    Substitute Applicants

0638    Uncertified Applicants

0639    Bus Drivers

8273  Volunteers
The results of the fingerprinting will be sent to the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, Certification Division.  The fee for the fingerprinting process for both Missouri residents and Non-Missouri residents is $41.75.

 Fingerprint results for educators and substitute teachers will be recorded automatically on individual profile pages in the online Educator Certification System. Results for non-certified staff members and bus drivers will be forwarded to the appropriate school district based upon the registration code provided. Results of fingerprints are generally reported to the office of Educator Certification within 2-3 weeks from the date of appointment.

 2) Go to website; create a User ID and Log In Password, then log on to the system.  Go to “web applications” and click “Register” then follow the directions.

 3) An original transcript of your college hours must be sent to the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education for verification. This transcript will be kept on file at DESE.    OR  Complete the online course approved for substitutes on the Department’s website.

 4) The Ava R-I Schools information sheet needs to be completed and turned in to the Ava R-I Administration Office.

 5) Check the DESE website to see that your application to substitute has been approved.  You may present this certificate at any school in Missouri.  

For more information: 

Visit the DESE Substitute Teacher Information Page

To substitute teach in the Ava R-I School District, please complete the following steps:

1.  Mail or bring a copy of your current Missouri Substitute Educator certificate. You must also have a cleared background check using the district's four-digit registration code.

2.  Visit each building you would like to substitute teach in to meet the building principals and secretaries.

Mail application materials to:

Ava Public Schools
Attn: Amy Lumley, Superintendent's Secretary
P.O. BOX 338
Ava, MO 65608